Monoqle represent years of mobile expertise, with numerous projects on both iOS and Android. We were born and raised alongside Happy Hours Coworking, populated by a wide range of experts.
We believe design is about finding elegant and adequate solutions. User-centric ergonomics are essential for a modern app with unique look & feel. That's why we deliver precisely crafted prototypes before writing any line of code.
Quality being one of our core values, we focus on native technologies. Mastering native development allows us to unleash the full potential of the device hardware and software, including its most recent functionalities.
We thrive on pragmatic solutions to bring your ideas to life, through the prism of quality and efficiency. Like digital craftmen, we carefully choose the best materials and techniques to make your product stand out.

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Alexis Creuzot

iOS Expert

Fascinated by new technologies and innovative interfaces, I breathe everything iPhone since its original release.

My first App Store hit, "7 Minutes Workout", helped thousands to exercise more efficiently. I also contribute to multiple iOS libraries used worldwide by the open source community, some of which I created.

Caring deeply about the quality and aesthetic of each app I deliver, my current process was shaped by this approach over the years.

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Jérémy Paul

UI/UX Expert

I'm no creative. I'm a designer. My job is to solve problems with concrete solutions. Focusing on clarity and simplicity, thinking in motion, and respecting ergonomic constraints to create an experience is really my thing.

Specialized in mobile since 2011, I also explore various techniques such as 3D and motion design, influencing my workflow in a very personal way. Always positive and learning, you can count on me to take your app to the next level.

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Aurélien Hubert

Android Expert

Extend the boundaries, create coherent and beautiful user experiences, make Android apps as clean as they should be. These are some of my daily guidelines.

Since 2011, I create Android applications and I want to make sure that every user will enjoy his own experience on his device. True Color, my second personal app on the Play Store, has been used by millions of users all around the world. That's what make our job so special and incredible.

My main goal: be proud of each app I work on.



Design Dev iPhone Android

Want to go to the cinema?

« mk2 » app allows you to consult the program and buy your movie ticket in a few seconds .


Design Dev iPhone Android

Cyqle is the perfect app to display the status of nearby ride sharing stations.

Find the status of nearby stations for more than 50 cities around the globe!


Design Dev iPhone Android

Happywait connects real estate developers and individuals who buy off plan their house or apartment.

Caisse d'Épargne

Design Apple Watch

The Watch is here. And one of the largest French banks has an app for you to rely on.

Keeping an eye on your money is now as easy as raising your wrist.


Design Dev iPhone iPad

Wonder what color is your friend’s dress? What shade of green is your neighbor’s grass?

Qolor is the fastest way to identify and save colors around you. With its playful interface you'll have fun sampling the world for unexpected colors!

True Color

Design Dev iPhone Android

Inspired by the Stroop effect, True Color is a small game where you'll have to check if the name of the color written matches with the color displayed.

More than 3,000,000 players around the world have already tried, now it's your turn!

Nice Weather 2

Design Dev iPhone

Nice Weather was designed with simplicity in mind to provide a clean and simple way to check the weather forecast.

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